That 70s’ Show is back for a stylish tomorrow!

The summer this time around is hotter than ever, especially with the 70s’ trends making a comeback. If you are wondering what the trends are! Then fret not, for here are a few I feel will keep you … Read More

Yoga – Strecthes

I hope you have been through my Introductory post on Yoga and the Breath technique to follow while in an aasana. This post in the Yoga series will shed light on one of the basic stretches, the Butterfly … Read More

Cherry Blossoms

Spring is here and the colours of Pink and red are everywhere. Here’s an OOTD for a casual spring day out keeping in mind the windy weather.

Styling note : The accents of red are everywhere to capture the … Read More

10 May '15


The ‘Beautiful’ Mommy

“Motherhood” – the most beautiful experience for any woman! New joy, new experiences, and a special opportunity (only a mother can do it) to give life and nurture somebody- that’s so tender and beautiful! A mother’s caress is … Read More

Nioxin: Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair

Nioxin #1 selling salon brand for thicker fuller looking hair now in India

Hair thinning is a topic that few people feel comfortable discussing, making it even harder to address although it’s one … Read More

Contemporary: Yellow, Ikat and Elespry

You might have gathered that I’m a huge fan of the Indian Contemporary Styling by now, by reading my previous post on the Bolero Styled to a Saree Blouse focusing on the Neo Ethnic Trend. … Read More

Mobile shoppers – A New Era!

Do you remember how shopping used to be an activity back then? As a kid, I would wait for those Sunday Flea Markets; colorful sights of decoration, the latest in the accessories: bangles, necklaces, bags and the sorts; … Read More

Herbalife SKIN Review – The 7 Day Challenge

Herbalife Brand is synonymous with quality lifestyle products. The leading global nutrition company, launched its newest skincare line, Herbalife SKIN today in India. The Herbalife SKIN line is an all new addition to Herbalife’souter nutrition range of products … Read More

Yoga – A lifestyle Choice and not just a form of exercise

Yoga, the literal translation of the Sanskrit word in English means ‘to Unite’. The idea is to show the yogi (the practitioner of Yoga), how to achieve Union or Spiritual Absorption into the Supreme Absolute. The Westerners in … Read More

19 Apr '15


Wine, Pizza and memories for a life time… Welcome to Italy!!

A gypsy at heart that I am, I was absolutely ecstatic when the trip that my husband and I had been planning for a while had finally come together.. Yaay.. We were heading to Italy … Read More

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