Neo Ethnic Twist

I’m a huge fan of prints, the quirkier the better what better way than, to dawn them in a Maxi Dress. My focus this season has been on Elephant Prints, after seeing collections from ASOS to AND … Read More

Power Dressing

Power Dressing is an age old way of showing who you are and what you work as, by the way you dress. You need to ‘dress to impress’ when it comes to power dressing because, … Read More

Beauty Review Clarins – UV Plus High Protection Sunscreen

This Clarins UV Plus High Protection Sunscreen with SPF 50, claims that you can face the day with a triple protection from 100% mineral filters & the UV Plus shields from sun damage. It sure fights free radicals … Read More

That Skate Board Kid

Did you know that Skate Boarding came to being during the late 1940s, when the surfers didn’t know what to do when there were no waves. So, they picked up their boards and attached a … Read More

Yoga Stretches: Paschima Namaskaraasana

We just commemorated the International Yoga Day on the 21st June, 201 and here’s my next post with more of Yoga. The next post in the Yoga series is the Paschima Namaskaraasana or the Reverse Prayer Pose.  Pashchima … Read More

Father’s day Gifting Ideas


My Dad has been my superhero, my travel buddy and my wonder-wall too. Since childhood he has taken me places in and out of India as well. He taught me how to respect others and … Read More

Excellence Personified – Louis Philippe Golf Cup

Synonymous with premium, international men’s fashion, Louis Philippe was launched in India in 1989, and ever since then, the brand has been enjoying the repute of being the leader in formal and quasi-formal wear. The Brand Louis … Read More

Celebrating a Year of Style and Travel with Fox Life

Growing up, watching fashion shows alone to quench my thirst for fashion was not enough! I always used to wonder where the designer’s would get their style inspirations from; the whole thought process in visualizing … Read More

Style Inspiration with Statement Necklaces

Finding inspirations that can also accentuate your everyday look, may seem like a daunting task, but the secret lies in your style picks. Own a signature style by creating bright and beautiful looks; while keeping it simple and … Read More

Lavender’s Blue

The above song reminds me of how every girl is a princess like Cinderella was! You don’t need a Kingdom or a Tiara or a Prince to feel like a Princess! All you have to do … Read More

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