October 9, 2015

Of Peacocks and Royal Gardens

Featuring Bluestone Jewelry's Peacock Collection

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone latest collection peacock jewelry

Follow me into a Royal Garden, where Peacocks dance with pride.

Where they aren’t afraid to be who they are,

Free of bans, free of poachers and free of people and their judgements,

Follow me, for this garden is mystical and you wouldn’t find it otherwise,

Follow me, for this place welcomes only those with a creative streak and souls of positivity.

– By Chaithra

I have forever been obsessed with peacocks, the pride in their walk, their vibrant iridescent plumage and the mystery in their eyes.  So, you can imagine my excitement when Bluestone sent me this set from their latest BlueBook Collection. Dainty in its design, embellished in white, it shows off the skilled  craftsmanship it was made from, to make us feel like Princesses who own peacocks in their royal garden.

Styling Note: A custom-made maxi dress draped with floral print stole, added gold accents with this waist belt and the cuff, that gave the look a very roman feel. To be honest, it was inspired by Khaleesi’s (Daenerys Targaryen’s) attire in Game of thrones, from that episode where she attends a social gathering in the city of Qarth. The pendant and earring set from the Bluestone collection is given a twist and used as a maang tika or an accessory over the forehead, completes the look along with a matching earring.

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

Green Maxi draped with long blue printed stoles – Custom designed by me

Cuff –

Belt – Goa Flea Market

Gold Peacock pendant and Earring Set – Courtesy of Bluestone’s latest Peacock Collection

bluestone blue book fever, bluestone peacock collection, Indian contemporary wear

Photo Credits Haarika Reddy

I enjoy designing my own dresses, this dress featured here was a simple DIY. What added more character was this lovely Peacock pendant and earring set from Bluestone’s latest collection – The Blue Book Fever. They have three different collections to offer from this range being catering to festive and work wear. The latest peacock collection is for every woman, who is royal and special in her own ways. Do take a look at the Bluestone’s website for more, you may also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do leave me your comments about the look here or  on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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  1. I love Khaleesi’s character and how she is styled in GOT 🙂 So raw and still so edgy! Love this look you created Chaithra :* You totally KILLED it! ♥ 😀

  2. Fabulous dress!Love this look!!!

  3. So beautiful, Chaithra! Love the way you’ve styled it.

  4. This is so dreamy and flows like a beautiful stream of pure water….U’ve nailed it dear!

  5. Love this dress!


  6. Pam

    oh wow! How beautiful do you look?! 😀 these shades look so good on your skin! Love!!

  7. So SO pretty 🙂
    You have designed the dress so beautifully.

  8. OMG..this is so gorgeous..i dint know u had draped a stole on ur dress…it looks gorgeous. And the peacock jewellery is so damn gorgeous.
    And skin18 delivers products anywhere in the world. Let me know if u want to review them.


  9. Love the ear-ring and the outfit ,its so unique & nice

  10. Wow, fantastic pictures. You look so lovely and blue is a great color on you!

    xoxo Emily

  11. Amy Ann

    Blue looks beautiful on you! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. Wishing the best for you!

    Amy Ann

  12. The dress looks super pretty, loved your pictures. 🙂

  13. Wow you looking like an angel! Very pretty earrings and pendant…True, blue color looks lovely on you..


  14. So beautiful. I love that poetry. I’ll follow that place surely.

  15. so lovely! 🙂 i like the designs and details.


  16. Lovely dress(:… did remind of the the dancing peacock… well designed dress, goodday.

  17. I can’t believe you DIYed the dress! The pictures look so dreamy! Love!

  18. wow u look beautiful and that peacock pendant is awesome 🙂

  19. Hello, beautiful pictures and look pretty. Loved the outfit.
    Have a great weekend! XOXO

  20. So beautiful location and so amazing dress!!! Kisses from Italy,

  21. Just love the dress and how you have styled it! Beautiful pictures…<3

  22. Really amazing! 🙂
    Have a good day!

  23. Loved your outfit and the jewelry pieces. ^_^

  24. you look so elegant! Can you share the link for the DIY instructions of the dress please?

    • Hey Bhawna.. I did this dress on my own and haven’t referred to any other website too and neither did I take pics while doing so !! I’m not sure how to send you the DIY Instructions.

  25. tthose pictures…make me think of freedom….
    looking lovely…

  26. this dress is stunningly beautiful. You look absolutely incredible! I can’t believe you designed this—you are so talented!

  27. That’s a very gorgeous dress! And a great piece of jewelries. I like the peacock and color blue details on it!

  28. Natasha

    These photos are gorgeous xx Check out my latest blog post at !! Xx gfc followers are desperately needed xxx

  29. Wow, amazing dress and beautiful jewelry!!!!
    Kisses doll!

  30. Great shots Chaithra!

  31. elisa

    wow these photos are beautiful!


  32. Love this outfit, the blue looks amazing on you!

  33. NICE POST..BEAUTIFUL DRESS <3 Love the colours

  34. Love this design you created and I love the color of this blue on you. Have a great weekend!


  35. Amazing pictures!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  36. The dress is soo cool!

  37. Stunning dress! You look lovely! love those jewelry too!

    Made in Mauve

  38. Beautiful photos! You look amazing 🙂 xx

  39. Wonderful look, this dress is stunning and you look like a princess =)

    Fashion and Cookies

  40. You look beautiful in that dress! You’re so talented, I wouldn’t make a dress like that!

  41. stunning!! love that color! 😀

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  42. Fabulous outfit! I adore the colors.

  43. woooow love it!! the detail on the head and the clothes <3 you look amazing!

  44. You look so beautiful♥♥


  46. Loved the shots and the OOTD.. looked perfect for a fashion magazine 🙂

  47. Just gorgeous! Love the blue of this dress! You are beautiful!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  48. Love the drapes 🙂

  49. This is a very pretty print and I really like how it is designed to look like butterfly wings.. it looks so lovely on you xox ♡♡

  50. You look royal! Gorgeous and amazing style!

  51. Beautiful shots! This dress is stunning and I love the colors!

  52. You look beautiful! I love this dress!

  53. this is gorgeous 🙂

  54. Love the jewelry pieces and your stunning dress xo

  55. Dania

    So wonderful dress!

  56. Hi sweetie
    you look divine. Beautiful dress.
    Wonderful print

  57. The earrings are gorgeous, it’s so different and unique, never seen anything like it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  58. I am completely in love with this entire post..kudos!!!

  59. What a beautiful collection. Love the peacock tikka especially. And the way you carry the sleeves of your dress. Beautiful photos!

    xx Yasmin

  60. Black Dress Inspiration
  61. What a beautiful dress and the color is just so gorgeous and is the perfect choice to accent the jewelry.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  62. This is so dream like! loved the outfit and the accessories. Pictures are absolutely lovely!!!

  63. This blue dress is beautiful! You are so skillful! Love the peacock pendant! Have a nice week!


  64. These photos are incredible, love that colour on you

  65. The color is lovely on you! I like the Khaleesi reference too!


  66. the pictures tookk me to another world..You look divine here and I cannot believe this was a self made outfit 😀 perfection

  67. What a beautiful dress and stunning jewelry! Great photography also!

  68. Outstanding! I love the delicate fabric and the intricate prints.

  69. Anita

    Amazing dress!!

    Kisses from Ibiza

  70. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!! You’re right that it really reminds me of a peacock and it’s such a showstopper piece.


  71. You look great in this outfit and i really loved your shoes.

    you looking so pretty !!!

  73. you look lovely in blue! that maang tika is so pretty! havent heard of such an accessory before. i wonder how do you fix it over your forehead? doesn’t it slides around?

    • Thank you Mia for those wonderful words. And the other side of the maang tika is fastened with a bobby pin onto your hair. So, it wouldn’t really slide as much! 🙂

  74. you customised this dress for yourself?! what a great talent!! love it so much!

  75. I adore peacocks, they are such beautiful creatures. I also want to own some peacock printed outfits. I love Khaleesi from GOT as well. You look gorgeous and so talented to have designed your own outfit and styled it so well!! This outfit would be perfect for summers!!

  76. Let me join everyone’s reaction to that gorgeous DIY dress! It’s beautiful! Did you really made that yourself? You gave justice to the character that you are trying to portray in the pictures. <3 winner!

  77. wow i love the texture and this colour..simply amazing…

  78. Lovely pieces. They are so beautiful. And I love how you styled it.

  79. Wow! This is such a beautiful look! So pleasing to the eyes and gorgeous… 🙂

    Diary of a Cusp

  80. Love Bluestone’s collection of jewelry and the peacock collection is something I would like to gift myself soon 🙂

  81. I love the colour of your outfit! It’s so pretty and mesmerizing!! =)

  82. Such amazing pictures, you look great and I love the dress so much.

  83. nicol

    absolutely stunning photos! i love the colour scheme so much

  84. seriously i love your dress. and the shoot it looks like a professional.
    it’s really good job for your post <3

    • Thank you Maria! Yes all the pics I use for the blog are shot by professional photographers. 🙂

  85. you looks like a blue fairy on that dress 🙂 and that tiara complement the looks perfectly!

  86. OMG…. {{ slow whistle }} you look stunning dear. Love the way you styled the pendant as a maang-tika
    – Heena,

  87. this is a really lovely dress and colour!

  88. Oh so beautiful! ❤
    Love the way you’ve designed the look.
    The pictures are absolutely amazing! 😍

  89. Amazing Photographs. Very Beautiful..

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