November 9, 2015

Happy Deepavali!

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

Happy Diwali everyone or as we call it here in Bangalore – Happy Deepavali! The literal translation would mean a line of Deepas or Diyas. Figuratively it translates to, overcoming darkness with abundance of light.

The Festival of lights is here and what better way to celebrate it than with a saree, especially with a lovely free flowing Authentic Mysore Silk Saree. The decadence and splendor it offers along with its simplicity is unmatched by any other saree. What I love about Mysore Silk is, that it is lightweight and convenient to wear, but makes you look elegant at the same time.

Featured here is a Magenta Mysore Silk Saree by our beautiful model Rishika, one of the contestants who made it to the top 10 at the Mrs. India Worldwide. This saree is draped in a very simple style with a long pallu and we paired it with a simple sleeveless blouse in dull gold, the same colour as the zari work on the saree. We kept the accessories to a bare minimum too, with this layered dull gold necklace, so that the saree gets all the attention it deserves. You could also add in a statement Jadau finger ring too, but instead we added colourful bangles in Magenta and Gold. Oh! and don’t forget a bindi on your forehead, makes the look more ethnic. But of course it’s your choice.

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

How to wear an Indian Saree, Mysore Silk Saree for Diwali,

Model: Rishika Himanshu Raj

One of the Top 10 shortlisted contestants at Mrs. India Worldwide 2015

Photography: Haarika & Raj (More on About Page)

Mysore Silk Sarees are fairly new when compared to Kanchi Silk Sarees, but the reason they got popular is that they are durable and lightweight too. You could get them in any Saree retailer stores in Bangalore, but I suggest you visit KSIC outlets in Bangalore or Mysore for authentic ones. Have you tried a Mysore Silk Saree yet? If not you must, I insist. But, do share your thoughts on this look. Do leave me your comments here or you can reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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  1. beautiful saree very pretty. I must say Rishika is so beautiful.

  2. Pam

    she looks lovely! enjoy this festival!

  3. Lovely diwali colours! Hope this festival colours your life even more

  4. laura

    You look amazing!
    Pink is your colour!

  5. You look so beautiful!! I love these photos!


  6. molto bella

  7. Lovely outfit and I adore the photos in this post. You look beautiful! 🙂 x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  8. Its really beautiful saree!! The color and everything!!
    U look gorgeous. Xo

  9. Such breathtaking pictures, great post as well, amazing outfit, I love it. Thank you for sharing, you look gorgeous!!!


  10. Kelsey&Kenecha

    These photos are so stunning!

  11. Dania

    What a wonderful dress!

  12. You look absolutely amazing! I LOVE your saree! The colour is so pretty!

  13. Lovely dress and beautiful pics!!!

  14. So pretty…beautiful clicks.

  15. What a beautiful saree!! I loved learning a little more about Deepavali and the meaning behind it!

  16. Lovely dress, It’s soo cool!

  17. You are so beautiful dear!!! Stunning saree! ^-^
    Happy Deepavali !

  18. Nequeren Vitoria

    Que luxo arrasou show de imagens amei a sua make blog
    maravilhoso sucesso ganhou mais uma seguidora.

  19. Love all these photos. –Hanna Lei

  20. Wow, you look great!!!!

  21. I love sarees. Every woman just looks so elegant when wearing a saree. This pink one is extremly beautiful!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment 🙂

  22. Sahra

    you look stunning!! Happy Diwali <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  23. I absolutely loooove that color! Looks like something I would try to wear!
    Model is gorgeous!


  24. what beautiful photos!

  25. Great post. Too funny, I had already wished multiple friends & co-workers Happy Diwali Day. A few were shocked. That’s for educated those who are unaware.

  26. What stunning photos, and Happy Diwali to you. The colour here is so rich and vibrant. It’s definitely a nice saree. /Madison

  27. Love the sari! It’s such a beautiful color. And your photos are spectacular!

    xx Yasmin

  28. What a stunning outfit! I love that vibrant pink colour!

  29. Your sari is gorgeous! You look stunning!

    Doused In Pink

    • Sorry, the darn auto correct….I meant your saree is gorgeous!

  30. Your spree is beautiful. I love the color and I think it looks fabulous with the gold jewelry. You look fantastic!


  31. These photos are gorgeous, and that colour is just stunning. Love magentas <3


  32. Gorgeous photos! I love the saree, too!

  33. You look beautiful in this sarees! Love its color!


  34. Beautiful, love that colour on you

  35. notesofglam

    I love the pictures and the colour of the Saree is stunning!

  36. You looks so gorgeous in this saree!! Happy Deepawali!!
    Love from

  37. Loved this post and you look stunning in a saree, I keep tripping when I’m in one haha ♥

  38. you are very very very beautiful!!!!

  39. What a gorgeous saree! Incredible fact that it was worn by someone in the top 10 for Mrs. India. I love the background. Happy Diwali to you!


  40. You look beautiful! 🙂 xx

  41. I’ve always found sarees to be stunning but I have no idea how to wear it! Happy Deepavali to you, hope you had a wonderful celebration!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  42. Beautiful colors! You look stunning.
    xo, Jessica The Petite Diaries

  43. This colour is so amazing and you look lovely 🙂

  44. Beautiful!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  45. Kiki

    This is so gorgeous! I love the saree, such pretty fabric. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  46. Happy Diwali! You look stunning Chaicy! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog – Valeria Arizzi

  47. this color is so nice

  48. Loved the photographs. Hope you had a colourful Diwali 🙂

  49. killing is just the word………
    btw wheres the location?

  50. nice saree and very nice clicks 🙂

  51. Love the color and neck piece 🙂

  52. I am a huge lover of mysore silk sarees, love the fact they make us look elegant and stylish too

  53. beautiful you look…..I loved the color of your saree….





  55. This is so so beautiful, I love the colours so much! Love, Kirsten x

  56. Thanks for sharing this. That saree is so chic and gorgeous on you 🙂

  57. Wow the pictures are amazing! also really love how you have teamed the layered necklace with the saree 🙂

  58. Simple and sweet!

  59. Wow! You are so beautiful!!!
    xo, Vanessa

  60. long time back I got one mysore silk saree for my mom…this saree is gorgeous 🙂 loved the look…bveautiful.

  61. You look stunning! The pictures are so beautiful xxx
    Follow each other in Instagram? My IG is

  62. The pink saree looks really pretty against the backdrop!

  63. Pink looks amazing! Really love the saree.. <3

  64. such a nice and beautiful saree , looking so cute in this saree ! This pattern is amazing , you looks like a queen in this outfit !

  65. Absolutely loved the post 🙂

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  67. Such a nice and beautiful Saree.

    Mysore silk sarees

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